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The Miller's Dance

...as the miller told his tale....

marveen silverhand
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I'm fortyish (I look younger than I am), keenly literate, an herbalist, and politically conservative.

I also cook not only for sustenance but for recreation, garden, do many handcrafts, and spend far too much time on the 'Net.

By the way, the title of my journal is taken from a piece of music, entitled "the miller's dance". It's related to my surname.

Favorite quote (take note): If my company does not please you at any time, you will have only yourself to blame for an acquaintance with one who seldom forces herself but is difficult to be rid of.
30-06, are you being served, baking, bdsm, beaded jewelry, beekeeping, beverly nichols, biking, black powder, blackadder, blackpowder, bondage, breyer models, breyers, calligraphy, camping, canning, captain carrot, cheese, chef!, chocolate, cooking, copperplate, curio and relics, domination, donald westlake, economy, embroidery, energy manipulation, fawlty towers, firearms, fishing, flintlocks, frugality, fur trade era, gardening, geeks, george macdonald fraser, gerald durrell, good neighbors, gor, grammar, h. p. lovecraft, healing, herbalism, historical fiction, history, homebrew, homebrewing, horse racing, horses, hunting, j.r.r. tolkien, jack aubrey, johnny cash, joscelin, katherine kurtz, laurell k. hamilton, libraries, limited government, literacy, literary, literate, literature, lloyd alexander, lovecraft, mary stanton, mead, melanie rawn, military history, molon labe, mosin-nagant, motorcycles, mountain dulcimers, muzzleloaders, muzzleloading, nancy springer, norse, noter-and-drone, paganism, pamela dean, pastry, peg bracken, peter stone horses, plinking, power exchange, primitive skills, reading, reloading, rendezvous, rifles, rpgs, samuel vimes, sarcasm, seattle, second amendment, self-defense, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, sewing, sheri s. tepper, shirley jackson, shotguns, sks, spelling, spinning, stephen maturin, submission, susan cooper, target shooting, tea, tenino, teotwawki, terry pratchett, thrift, tomahawk throwing, trout, victoriana, walter farley, winemaking, zombies, zymurgy