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Harley Owners Need Dependable Alternatives

Well, we're trying again. And THIS time it's no mechanic's special.

Meet the Black Shadow, another Honda:

We saved enough money this time to buy a rideable, workable bike that doesn't need sixteen fixes before it's roadworthy.

The minor issues that do need addressing (because we didn't save up a TON of money)

Bars. The factory buckhorn bars are angled wrong, though they're close enough for now.
Forks/seals/springs/pressure. It has a tendency to dive, which issue is the cause remains to be seen.
Tires. They're old, need replaced.
And the turn signals seem to be stuck on with silicone caulking, FFS. (What are these people THINKING?)

Regarding that last one (WTF are they thinking??), we had to peel a lot of stickers and chrome-mylar tape off the damned thing. What grade are you in, for petesake? Stickers! One dragon sticker, one dolphin sticker, and a Harley emblem glued onto a plastic cover. (Haven't figured out how to loosen the Harley bling, but again, who do you think you're kidding, anyway? It's a HONDA...)

By the way, the title of the post? It's an acronym, for those who haven't realized. ;-D

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