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Women's Primitive Skills Weekend 2013: Friday

Well, here's the tale, divided up by day.

I absolutely hate dealing with wet canvas. Let’s get that out of the way right now. It’s heavy, the smell gets old after a few hours or DAYS of constant wet-canvas-smell, and let’s not talk about the mildew issues. D-:<


Much fun was had by all.

The first day I arrived at ten-thirty, just in time for registration. I signed up for a class on making quill pens and then had a couple hours’ break, during which I ate some lunch, got dressed (1837-Plains-type tradecloth dress & accessories) and set up my camp. (Wedge tent, iron firepit, folding table, wood & canvas folding cot, and a Rubbermaid tub of clothing which I carefully covered with a blanket so as to remain Primitive.) I then got “drafted” into a class on butter churning that was under-registered (only one student, so I sat in on it anyway).

Later in the afternoon I had a class on weaving (a variation on fingerweaving) before it was time to prep for the nightly potluck. I brought Bourbon-Glazed Apples En Brochette, a recipe of my own invention that involves simmering quartered apples in a syrup of brown sugar, butter and bourbon until they’re almost done, then threading them onto skewers to glaze them over an open fire.

Other offerings included potato salad, fruit, pasta salad, broccoli salad, chili, cornbread, barbecued pork ribs, barbecued beef ribs, meatballs in tomato sauce, chicken ala king, corn and quinoa casserole, sourdough French bread, biscuits, fettucini with Italian sausage, stewed chicken, chorizo stirfry with peppers and onions, a plate of pickles including pickled okra (one of my favorites), brownies, cheesecake, dump cake, apple cake, chocolate bread pudding, German chocolate cake, lemon cake, carrot-and-zucchini cake, oatmeal cookies, and a very boozy trifle made with strawberries and pineapple marinated in brandy.

I went visiting some before bed, being careful to bring extra candles in my possible bag so as not to have to fumble around in the dark back at my own camp. I brought the Ginormous Bedroll of Doom on the premise that it's better to have it and not need it, etc., and used one wool blanket and one quilt underneath with four quilts and one wool blanket on top. I was perfectly warm and comfy, though a cot has its drawbacks.

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