marveen silverhand (marveen) wrote,
marveen silverhand

I know, I know, I shouldn't watch these things. It just makes my blood pressure spike.

After all, Sandra Lee pretty much made the ultimate deadpan joke about her show a few years back.

But sometimes, I trip over the show while surfing or after I've been doing something else and it comes on the Food Channel.

Today, she advised us that making your own raspberry preserves takes a terribly long time (come ON, it's as simple as making jello, and doesn't Jell-O corporation advertise Even the children can make it?)

But we'll pass over her delusions about raspberry jam being 1. worth buying (it's not) and 2. a lot of work (see above) in favor of criticizing her practice of poisoning one's guests.

Apparently today's menu was "light". Reduced-fat soup, fine. But for the dessert the viewer was instructed to layer sugar-free Jello pudding (hello?) with storebought cookies, and Ms. Lee then chirped, "Nobody will know it's light!"

Newsflash: everyone with aspartame sensitivities will as soon as the migraine hits. You bitch.

It's not nice to hide shit in your food and not tell people. I warn others (as with my famous Moosehead Gingerbread, since most people don't expect pork in their gingerbread--I do use lard to bake with from time to time) because people have allergies and dietary restrictions and so forth.

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